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About this game

Sudokil is a hacking/scripting themed game about using Unix-like commands on a terminal to control computers, robots, and various other devices. Progress through levels and get access to different puzzle elements while collecting more scripts, permissions and tools.


While the primary purpose of the game is to be a fun puzzle game, it is definitely educational for people who are not familiar with basic Unix concepts such as navigating a file structure with commands such as cd, or ls.


Sudokil is a work-in-progress game, currently in a prototyping/alpha state. Give it a try and leave me plenty of feedback for improvements. I try to release a new version every month with new levels and features. At the moment, all the art is placeholder and to be seen as programmer art.

Current features

  • Interactive tutorial level
  • 1 puzzle level
  • Unix-like command prompt with common commands
  • Convenience features such as tab-autocomplete, and history


If you like the concept of Sudokil, and are interested in it's development, there are a number of things you could do to help.

  • Play the current version, and leave me some feedback!
  • Follow the game through the various channels such as here, or through twitter where I post regular screenshots and updates throughout the month.
  • Spread the word!
  • Monetary donations are appreciated, and will help fund some of the development (costs like music and art).


Email: dom.mortlock@gmail.com
Website: http://www.custardgames.com/sudokil/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/locknic


06 Oct 2016 - v0.22
- minor updates to packaging and version printing

28 Sep 2016 - v0.2
- added level loader
- added networking systems
- added lighting
- added level 3, 4 and a few playground levels for testing
- UI rework
- bug fixes

22 Sep 2016 - v0.1
First public version! Playable prototype with a tutorial and a test level.


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sudokil-alpha2.2-windows.zip 46 MB
sudokil-alpha2.2-mac.dmg 54 MB
161006-sudokil.jar 13 MB


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